Business WiFi Guest Access

We provide a business grade level of service to keep your business up and running.

Business Guest Access

Hotspot Guest Access Controller

The Hotspot Guest Access Controllers are dedicated appliances, powered by the MikroTik RouterOS routing engine, and customised by Teleostec to support guest access and hotspot requirements. They are based on a proven stable and reliable platform, which is flexible, expandable and future proof. They easily integrate seamlessly with existing network IT systems and come with advanced 24/7 monitoring, with web content filtering and caching options for additional security (intrusion detection (IDS) coming soon).



Advanced Voucher Operation

The Hotspot Guest Access Controller allows flexible and advanced creation and management of vouchers, or passes. Profiles can be set-up enabling control of network access duration, shelf-life, simutaneous-usages, and data allowance levels. Vouchers can printed out and issued to suers as required or stored for later use. Session logging and reported is also supported.


Key Benefits

  • No contract tie-in or ongoing payments required, and no revenue share.
  • Multi-networks supported incl. Guest AND Private Network.
  • Professional survey and installation included.
  • Unlimited priority telephone support included.
  • Customised Guest Landing Page included.
  • 24/7 Remote Proactive Monitoring included.
  • Advanced Guest Access features.
  • Web filtering, cache & IDS options.
  • Scalable to larger sites.

Guest Access Modes

Different modes of operation are supported to meet your customers needs:

Free Access:
Unlimited access for all users, this displays a web landing page with disclaimer to each user, which they have to acknowledge before proceeding.


Voucher Access:
Create vouchers with unique password access for each user, and allow a time limit and/or data volume limit. Enable one or multiple users per voucher (ideal for large groups), use the shelf-life to limit the validity of each voucher.


Secure Access:
Integrated security with advanced encryption and authentication, and/or use RADIUS with an external database eg Active Directory for a highly secure connection.



Guest Access Controller Features

Guest Access is controlled with a dedicated gateway network appliance. The Guest Access Controllers come with advanced business oriented features:

  • Provides a cost effective, ideal guest access 'hotspot' solution for medium to large locations with higher usage.
  • As with Basic Guest Access, a second separate and private secure network is supported which also provides access to the overall system management.
  • Supports voucher operation and includes separate Management and LAN ports, together with support for multiple access points for extending coverage.
  • Customisable voucher printing, session logging & reporting, and multi user-profile management is supported
  • Includes professional survey and installation, as well as priority telephone support and next business day on-site response options.
  • Web filtering, web caching and intrusion detection (IDS) options available.


Brochure Download

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Business Guest Access Brochure


Easy Management

Easily view, edit and manage users and groups. A dedicated management port allows management access from a separate network, and maintains isolation between guest data traffic and management data traffic. Remote secure management access is available from anywhere using a browser and internet connection.