Guest Access Solution

See our new dedicated Teleostec Gateway; developed in-house for reliable and flexible Guest Access service.

Basic Guest Access Solution

The Teleostec Guest Access Gateway

The Basic Guest Access solution from Teleostec comprises low cost, easy-to-use and effective integrated network device, powered by the MikroTik RouterOS routing engine, and custom configured by Teleostec to support guest access requirements. They're a proven, stable and reliable platform, draw very low power, and are flexible, expandable and future proof. The Basic Guest Access solution provides an ideal guest access or 'hotspot' solution for small to medium locations.



Web landing page and disclaimer

All users will see your individual web landing page each time they connect. If you opt for our professional installation, we will customise this page to your location, making it perfect for advertising your venue and brand, for promotions, or for providing general information. To add a degree of protection against mis-use of your internet connection, the page will also contain a disclaimer. To ensure the user acknowledges the disclaimer, they are asked to click the acceptance box before they can access the internet.


Brochure Download

Click here to download the latest brochure & pricing on our Guest WiFi Solution.


Guest WiFi Brochure


Simple to use

No software installation and no dedicated PC is required. The system supports all laptops and mobiles with standard WiFi operation. It can work over both wireless and/or wired connections. Wireless access points can be added to extend coverage, with support for WiFi 802.11a,b,g & 802.11n industry standards.


Add More and Extend Your Service

All our solutions include the first WiFi access point. Many locations need to extend the coverage and this is easily achieved by adding another WiFi access points to the initial system. Both of your networks (the Guest Network and your Private Network), will be extended at the same time. For more access points, we can provide a suitable network switch capable of extending your network even further.


Guest Access Solutions

The entry level solutions come in two configurations:

  • Basic Guest Access:

    A robust and simple low cost guest gateway solution. It includes an integrated wireless access point and supports two networks; one for guests, the other a private secure network for your own use. It provides a guest landing page and the important disclaimer which users must acknowledge before proceeding. This comes as a low cost self-install version, or a professionally installed version which includes additional support and features.

  • Hotspot Guest Access Controller:

    This is a more advanced version over the Basic Guest solution. Built on a more powerful platform, it provides the same features as the Basic Guest Access, and builds on them to enable full management of a hotspot service. The controller can be expanded to include Web Content Filter, Web Caching and Intruder Detection System (IDS).