WiMAX Wide Area Wireless

Supports highly demanding data traffic for fixed and mobile wireless networks.

4G WIMAX/LTE Wireless

4G WiMAX Solutions from Teleostec

Teleostec has in-depth knowledge of WiMAX solutions. WiMAX is an establish industry standard designed for high performance wide area wireless operation. It supports highly demanding data traffic requirements including higher speed, high capacity, delay sensitive data flows such as streaming video content or voice calls for fixed networks and mobile networks.



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Wireless Solutions


Efficient Backhaul Solution

WiMAX is ideal for distributing a wireless connection to smaller nodes over a wide area. Typically these nodes could be wireless access points, which provide local connectivity and connect back over the WiMAX system. WiMAX can provide a flexible, auto-forming, and self-healing network capable of supporting data, voice and video at high speeds, low latency and high reliability.


4G LTE Consultancy

LTE (Long Term Evolution) represents the next development of broadband IP wireless networks for fixed and mobile networks. Based on global 3GPP standards and already deployed in parts of the world, it provides higher data speeds through a robust OFDMA air interface and complete end-to-end IP architecture. The development of small LTE radio cells (called PicoCells and FemtoCells) enable integrated high speed wireless in the home and in the local areas. Teleostec can provide consultancy on LTE based solutions and development.