Point-to-Point and MultiPoint Links

Solutions for both Point-to-Point Links and Point-to-Multipoint Links.

Point-to-Point & Point-to-MultiPoint Wireless

Single or Multiple Wireless Links

Teleostec has detailed experience of planning, installing and supporting wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. These can be used to cost effectively extend your 100Mbs or Gigabit LAN, or extend to higher speeds as required. Quickly deploy into areas where cabled links are difficult or impossible to reach, or where extra capacity is needed. Ideal as an alternative link for load balancing or redundancy. Excellent performance, stability and reliablity can be achieved.


Wireless Link Planning

The pricing and capability of different manufacture's solutions can vary significantly. The most popular choice is licence free frequencies with line-of-sight or near-line-of-sight operation. Teleostec can provide specialist independent advice to help you select the solution which is right for your location, we can provide a wireless link design, and implement and support the full end to end solution.


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Wireless Solutions


Range of Manufactures to Meet Your Needs

The following is a selection of wireless manufacture solutions which we recommend for consideration. The following comments are based on our experience of these systems. There are many more options, and we are available to discuss your needs at anytime.


  • Range of higher performance systems
  • Scales efficiently to a large network
  • High speeds and high reliability supported


  • Mid range cost solution
  • Basic range of features
  • Good near line of site performance

Ruckus Wireless

  • Mid range cost solution
  • Advanced wireless features & performance
  • Simple set-up and management