Enterprise WLAN

Highly reliable, scalable and high-performance centrally controlled WLAN solutions.

Enterprise Wireless LAN Solutions

Enterprise Wireless LAN Solutions

Teleostec has in-depth knowledge of Enterprise WLAN solutions. Enterprise solutions are based around WLAN controllers and are ideal for efficient management control of any medium to large scale WiFi infrastructure, allowing scalable central control of device configurations, network changes and advanced services. High capacity and high performance can easily be achieved. Teleostec can advise on a range of different systems on the market offering a range of features, and specialise in the following industry leading vendors.


High Performance WLAN from Meru Networks

The solution from Meru Networks provides an innovative and industry leading approach to high performance, high capacity wifi networks. Different to the normal 'cellular' approach to wifi coverage, Meru is able to support a far higher level of user access and throughout using its 'virtual cell' technology. In addition to normal wifi usage, it is also a perfect solution for environments such as conference venues, education sites, offices, stadiums, and indoor or outdoor events, etc. where a larger number of users will need to simultaneously access the wifi network reliably and without congestion. It is an ideal solution where a higher density of conventional wifi access points would otherwise cause a high degree of self interference.


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Key Meru features include:

  • Virtual Cell technology makes access points operate on the same frequency, significantly reducing the occurance of interference, and greatly increasing the capacity of the system. Capacity can be further enhanced by stacking virtual cells.
  • Range of access points available all supporting all 802.11 standards including advanced hi-capacity multi-data stream and beam forming antenna performance.
  • Range of wireless LAN controllers which not only provide efficient centralised management, but also manages all user clients and air the interface wihtout the need for cleint side software or extensions.
  • An Assurance Application Suite is available which provides advanced capacbility including detailed network management and remote management, scalable multi-controller deployments, spectrum (interference) visibility, and a full security suite incl. PCI complience and Wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) capabilities.


Cisco Enterprise WLAN Solutions

Cisco offers a broad portfolio of access points targeted to the specific needs of all industries, business types, and topologies. Cisco access points can be deployed in a distributed or centralized network for a branch office, campus, or a large enterprise. Whether you need entry-level wireless for a small enterprise or mission-critical coverage at thousands of locations, Cisco can help. Cisco wireless controllers help reduce the overall operational expenses of Cisco Unified Wireless Networks by simplifying network deployment, operations, and management. The wireless controllers provide the visibility, scalability, and reliability your business needs to build highly secure, enterprise-scale wireless networks.


Cisco features include:

  • Cisco CleanAir Technology, for a self-healing, self-optimizing network that avoids RF interference.
  • Cisco ClientLink to improve reliability and coverage for existing clients.
  • Cisco BandSelect to improve 5 GHz client connections in mixed client environments.
  • Cisco VideoStream, which uses multicast to improve multimedia applications.
  • Flexibility to centrally configure wireless policy, management, or security settings on remote access points through centralized provisioning and management.
  • Wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) capabilities.
  • Enforcement of centrally defined policy across wired and wireless networks and integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine.


Coste Effective WLAN Solutions from 4ipnet

4ipnet is a leading provider of networking devices for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access. 4ipnet delivers a diverse array of turnkey, high-performance products and mission-critical applications to bring reliability and manageability to increasingly complex wireless networks. 4ipnet's complete WLAN infrastructure solution portfolio addresses the needs of different network operation environments ranging from the ISP to the SOHO, with an emphasis on simplified network deployment, centralized network management, and enhanced network performance.


Key Meru features include:

  • Affordable all-in-one solution package for easy setup and deployment.
  • Customizable guest login portal to fit the style and look of your organization with zero configuration required for the guest.
  • Programmable profile to customize different internet service plans.
  • Role-based and Policy-based control enhances the protection against malicious users.
  • Central WLAN Controllers, allowing the network administrator to gain full control over the entire network infrastructure incl. Auto-Deployment, Auto-Configuration and Maintenance.
  • Segment Customizable Service Plans by using Service Zones Associated with User's Access Privileges, Network Policy, Security and Service for specific requirements.
  • Easily add Internet access charges to the room bill through billing integration with hotel PMS (Property Management System) such as Micros Fidelio/Opera.